LSS The Lisbon Sound Society is born from the will of some people from the music industry, who wanted to have a space where music could be enjoyed in all its aspects. Space to teach and learn, rehearse and play, record and produce, publish and promote. Space for all ages and styles, with or without experience.

Our intention is to encourage, develop and promote the will of all who want to “live” music.

Here, there are musicians, teachers, technicians, training and rehearsal spaces, a recording studio and even a social space where you can chat and find out more about your passion for music.

Our concept is based on the fundamental need to play music with others. The music training offer includes music lessons, rehearsals and the production required to record your music with quality.

For this to be possible, all our trainers have skills beyond their instruments, mastering music composition and production technologies and with vast experience in the world of professional music.

In an accessible and privileged area in Lisbon with metro, buses, bicycle… we are always close to you.

What we do:

  • Rehearsals & Events
  • Studio Rental
  • Music Production & Recording
  • Mixing, Mastering
  • Music Recording Software and Production Technical
  • Training
  • Music School
  • Artist Career and Production Management
  • Artist Career Representation
  • Equipment Hire & Rental