We provide management services tailored to the artist/musician’s aspirations and career development

As artists are confronting an increasingly challenging and competitive musical environment to create and disseminate their work, while needing to see return on their investment, the requirement for professional artist management, guidance and representation is paramount. We provide management services tailored to the artist/musician’s aspirations and career development.

LSS typical management and representation services for artists are usually identified following interviews and auditions. These are then assessed, and a custom artist/musician career development strategy is proposed. Coaching and developing the artists production process follows, with songwriting, sourcing and arranging for musicians and producers to program rehearsal sessions for the recording. We then distribute the recordings through record labels, the media and other platforms.

Artist Managers will:

  • - Represent the artist/s and cultivate relationships with music industry decision makers on their behalf. They will negotiate deals, and support and guide their clients' careers.
  • Keep up to date with what's happening in the industry, and they will spend time establishing and maintaining relationships, using contacts to source work for the musician. In addition, the manager will promote the musicians' work, and will often be involved in liaison during the music recording process. They may also organize and negotiate contracts for release of the musicians work as well as coordinating publishing and promoting the musicians work via the media.

LSS Artist Management and Representation:

  • Industry experience and knowledge is the key to becoming an Artist Manager. No specific qualifications are required, but a business background is useful, especially in sales. The main qualification is a sound knowledge of the music business and current trends and the ability to develop and maintain a range of industry contacts, requiring good judgment, which is acquired through experience by working in the role.
  • LSS Artist music manager plays the role as the public face of the band, with excellent communication skills. In addition the manager is involved in counselling the music band on creative, music business and personal choices and supporting them in finding engagements are the some of the basic fields to focus on. There are some other sectors like booking agent, promoter and travel arranger, music production and more.