LSS presents a 360º training courses, and based on it’s capacities in the various areas of artistic creativity

Youtubers Course

On thinking about the creative urge in the current context of multimedia technologies, we feel it is urgent to offer training for the younger generation that are looking for more diverse information, while preparing them to be new producers, presenters and net creators.

LSS presents a 360º training course, and based on it’s capacities in the various areas of artistic creativity we have designed this course specifically for those that want to know how to be a “Youtuber”. We have experienced teachers in creative writing, video production, audio e presentation that will teach the essential tools of showing your talent in digital platforms.

Introduction to Cubase / Pro Tools

A course focused on the most sought-after music production software tools, it offers knowledge on the basics of recording, programming, editing and mixing in CUBASE / PRO TOOLS. The course it aimed at people without prior knowledge of music production software, as well as to those who have some knowledge of similar software.

It demystifies and simplifies access to the general software functions and presents the unique tools that are used as inspiration during composition and production.

Working with EQ and Compressors

If there were ever any doubts about techniques used in editing and mixing audio, theses two areas must be at the top of the list!

In hardware and equivalent software versions, controlling audio dynamics and frequencies are probably the two main factors that contribute for a balanced result as far as professional audio is concerned.

This course demonstrates and gives the necessary knowledge to understand why and how of this world of audio processing. It includes practical exercises in which each participant can hear the benefits on their work.

Introduction to Music Theory - Read & Write in 4 hours

Without wanting to sound pretentious, the fact is that reading music is not only for the most resilient of the classically trained musicians. Musical language, both written and read, is a very useful tool for communication between musicians, and it’s just like riding a bicycle, once learnt, never forgotten.

In it’s essence this language can be explained in very little time. After that, practice makes perfect, and at LSS, there is plenty of space and time for both.

Introduction to soundtrack composition

As an example of the variety of different courses we provide to stimulate musical creativity, this course identifies the methods and essencial tools needed for soundtrack composition. Based on both traditional and modern compositional concepts, it adapts them to current technologies through music production software.

Understanding MIDI

If for some people the word MIDI means little or nothing, in music production there is a special place for it amongst the programming tools. Few are the hits produced in recent times that don’t use virtual MIDI instruments and the creative options these offer. This course brings light on the history, functions and use of MIDI in music production through practical examples and software with MIDI implementation.