we provide the services and help required to develop artists and bands to inter the music world

For aspiring music artist as well as well developed musicians and ban, we provide the services and help required to develop artists and bands to inter the music world. Through dedicated in-house producers/musicians, we work with along side the artists, singer and/or band to develop their songs (lyrics and music), assist in recording ‘demo-tapes’ all the way to linking them up with regional and world class producers who will further the artist/band career.

Our experienced studio producers compose original, custom instrumentals and will assist in developing tracks for the artist project, or if the musician has lyrics and a vocal melody but need an original instrumental arrangement to sing to, we offer flat rate quotes for any type of custom music composition.

Unlike our half-day/full-day sessions offered above in our recording studios, our flat rates for music production allow our producers to dedicate an unlimited amount of time and effort into writing, composing, and tweaking your custom instrumental until you’re in love with the track. After your custom track has been finished by our team of producers, you are welcome to record your vocals in our recording studios.

Services provided include:

  • Song composition, arrangement and lyrics development assistance
  • Song Recording
  • Performance Coaching
  • Assist in introducing artist/bands to regional and world class players in the music sector
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Map out career development road-maps – including introducing business related pointers in the music world such as promotion, advertising and financing
  • Music Production Consulting: Professional advice for Songwriting, Arranging, Recording, Mixing and Mastering
  • Home Studio Design: Advice for a professional sound in your home studio
  • Equipment Recommendations: Professional advice for equipment and software purchases