When the garage is just too small and the neighbors start to complain about the noise, you could spend a small fortune converting the garage into a rehearsal space.

When you’re touring abroad and need somewhere to rehearse, and maybe get some ideas down on tape, you could take extra equipment and risk doing it in the hotel...

When finding a place where a larger group of people can all reach becomes almost impossible for all but a few, you could find a large warehouse somewhere out of town…

Or... You could just join us:

  • We have all several fully isolated rooms with different sizes that adapt to your project. Theses rooms can be used for a variety of pre-production or rehearsal projects, not just music, but dance, theatre, video. They can also be used for training or as classrooms.
  • We have a full music, sound and video backline, so you just turn up and play. Your room will be ready for you just before you arrive.
  • We have one-touch multitrack recording of your rehearsal and streaming, so you can share your stuff with friends, and even edit your music for better-sounding demo tracks, straight from the rehearsal.
  • We have a fantastic lounge area where you can just chill and chat before and after rehearsals, free fast WiFi also available.
  • We take care of you if you want to use more of our facilities, like the recording studio, or production management. We provide conditions for travelling/touring projects that need space with all the above and extra help with airport/hotel shuttle.
  • We can provide special equipment as needed for specific project and rehearsal conditions.
  • We have knowledgable staff available to get you set up and running.
  • We have great prices.